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Here at St. John the Evangelist, we are blessed to offer a variety of ministries to serve the needs of our parishioners and the community of Delphos. 
These ministries cover a multitude of realms and needs of our parish family and the Church including bereavement, the worship of the liturgy and music, outreach, service, spiritual growth, volunteering, and our youth. 
Liturgical Ministries
Our parish has been blessed to have individuals from all walks of life to volunteer to serve within the liturgy and worship of the Mass. These ministries include Greeters, Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, and Altar Servers. For information on Cantors and Choirs, please see the Music Ministry below.
Music Ministries
Our parish is fortunate to be blessed with numerous talented musicians in the form of vocalists and instrumentalists. We have opportunities for adults and students alike to serve the Lord through individual opportunities like our Cantors, group collaborations through our various Choirs, or assisting behind the scenes as a Mixer Board Technician.
Outreach Ministries
Our parish serves the needs of our homebound and parishioners residing in our local nursing homes. Our pastors reach out by making home visits if needed.
Service Ministries
The community of St. John is connected with chapters of several local, state, and national organizations that seek a close working relationship with the Catholic Church.
Spiritual Ministries
There are numerous spiritual endeavors through which our parishioners can grow deeper in faith and a connection with each other. These groups seek to enrich their lives with prayer, to learn more about the Catholic faith, and to grow to know one another.
Volunteer Ministries
Our parish is blessed to have numerous volunteers assist with daily needs at the Ministry Center and through weekly endeavors like money counters and Bingo.
Youth Ministries
The youth of our parish have several opportunities to become involved in their faith through school programs and extracurricular groups. We are blessed to have adult ministers and student leaders who assist with making these programs come to life and enrich the students' application of the faith to daily interactions and practices. 
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